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First impression about iPhone and iOS

Thinking of a new phone?

In this article I'll explain the challenges I've faced when started using an iPhone after having used an Android phone. I hope it'll help you to make your choice and to broaden your vision if you've never experienced the "i" company.

If you're an extreme person or just prefer to count every possibility, then first of all you'd better find out the physical reliability tests results of the compared phones. Here are several videos to compare Samsung and iPhone
To sum it up the Samsung S6 looks to be more durable than the iPhone 6. Maybe the situation will change with the next versions, but I don't believe that it will happen rapidly. Why? Apple company reminds me a cat who in his youth was catching mice but later because of being very pretty and sweet was taken by some very nice and rich lady to home. He was fed with great food and started getting very fat so loose his ability to catch his food on his own. Really, why should you need to work on something way better if you already have everything you ever dreamed of?

About the operating system

1) The main purpose to have a phone is to call and to text. The call quality is pretty good, but what about messaging?
My first typed letter went great. But starting from the second I had a question: are the keyboard letters always capital? Why doesn't Shift change it?
Probably Apple users can't write "little" thoughts. By default all their thoughts and so characters should be printed big (uppercase)! One comes back on Earth when one starts typing. Uppercase characters turn out to be absolutely simple average lowercase characters, similar to those typed on an Android device when shift is not pressed.

Did I miss something or the logo of Apple was officially changed?

Think differentThink Bigturns into -> 

While installing apps, I memorized my password very well. I had to input it really lots of times. Counting that it's "strong" and that the keyboard doesn't comprise special symbols it took me around 15 clicks more than it'd take on a standard computer. On my old Android phone it'd take only about 7 clicks more.

2) Battery longlasting wishes to be longer.
My WIFI, GPS and mobile network were pretty much the only consumers of the battery, if not to take into account the phone by itself. Initial charge in the beginning of the day was around 75%. During the day WIFI was on around 2 hours: I've downloaded several apps. I've made 6 pics and spent around 5 minutes in calls. Battery died. I guess the facts told you enough, no extra comments are needed.

3) Usability of iPhone losses in the next points:

-  Where is the handy turn on/off board? Like where do I turn on/off my mobile Internet, GPS and similar? Oh, probably you might go to settings, find them there and set them the way you need! Yes, there is some menu which flies out of the bottom in you pressNew WIFI network? Any chance you'll be proposed  the list of all when you just pick WIFI option on a footer menu like you may do in Android? Life is not that easy, buddy. Go to Settings!

 - You won't see the percentage of your accumulator life unless you set it in settings. Note that they change the structure of settings pretty often. Like in iOS8 version it was not like in iOS9. Similar story with GPS setting and probably many more. iOS developers and testers might have big fights because of that. Maybe you remember but when Windows decided to change the structure of the Control Panel there was a big discussion over it. Like how could they have it same in all versions before Windows XP and make in absolutely different in Windows 7? Microsoft guys simply made a comfortable search so that those who're used to the old look could still find what they searched for without actually searching.

- My iPhone doesn't always display horizontal picture when I turn it.

- If you have a relatively large iPhone yet the one which fits nicely in a hand (e. g. iPhone 6 with 4,7 inches diagonal), it's not that trivial to press "back" button. Android phone has it in the bottom (near thumb) while iPhone in the top left corner. I can reach this place comfortably only when I hod the phone in the left hand and my other fingers are under the middle of the device. Still I prefer the right hand and to hold the expensive gadget in the bottom to prevent any chance to let it go. My thumb should be completely over it always be ready to firmly cover the phone.

Maybe I lack some marks in settings, but it would be nice to be proposed to complete the word and input the next which fits when it’s typedI'd prefer as well my login name to be memorized and picked after several letters are typed. The phone managed to memorize my first name for 2 inputs, then it disappeared and I can't get it back.  After several attempts at my last name, it started remembering it but I don't know how long it'll last. iPhone has dictionaries for some languages like English and Russian, but not for Ukrainian. It’s still better on phone than on computer. OSX corrects Ukrainian words thinking some of them are Russian even though the Ukrainian language is on. I'm grateful that iPhone doesn't do it.

- It is also important to mention that it's not that trivial to set up a song from an iPhone as a ringtone. Just look how many actions have to be performed for something ordinary on Android.

- The last but not least is that putting the cursor in the middle of the word while typing generally takes you longer than in Android at least when the phone is in vertical position. The reason for that is it takes time to turn on the magnifier and for the last one to look at the text and the cursor position.

That was lots of critics and I still have some. I bet I'll have even more. Still I'm happy to have a chance to use the iPhone and feel how cozy it is to read something from it, use pictures filters and just enjoy those nice visual effects.

Now, you're to decide if you're ready to pay several hundreds dollars more to get something that let's say cute but easily rottens inside, crashes and with not great usability. By the way, here is the link to compare how much better iPhones get with every new edition. When you look on the new coming iPhone 7 just remember who was the first to go beyond the edge and when it happened.

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